How to Setting Ajax Load More on Medianwp Themes

How to Setting Ajax Load More on Medianwp Themes
How to Setting Ajax Load More on Medianwp Themes

It is a good idea to include pagination in WordPress. Websites with a wide variety of materials will benefit from this feature. The “load more” button is similar to the endless scrolling pagination option.

How to Setting Ajax Load More

Therefore, readers are more likely to stick around and devour more of your content, which increases your chances of conversion. But the question is how to add load more button in medianwp theme?
if you want to use page navy load more on the medianwp theme, here you can follow the steps below.

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What is WordPress Load More Button?

There are several websites, including WordPress itself, that use the load more button. For example, the WordPress website adds a function called “load more” to take the visitor to other content that hasn’t loaded on the first time. It is a decent solution between being too time-consuming and too addicting as unlimited browsing.

What is WordPress Pagination?

A pagination is a WordPress tool that helps site visitors discover pages rapidly. You shouldn’t feel confined to having each website section fit on a single page.

It’s a must for any WordPress blog. Since it’s essential to WordPress sites, it’s built-in. Pagination solves the issue of loading multiple old articles at once, which consumes bandwidth and slows processing. It’ll also affect SEO.

Steps to Setting Ajax Load More

  • Enter your dashboard, then hover over Plugins and click Add New.
  • Then search in the search field using the Ajax Pagination keyword. So, you get the exact same result. Install and activate the plugin.
  • Once active, now open Settings –Ajax Pagination.
  • The settings are like this:
  • Type of pagination : Ajax pagination
  • CSS Selectors : Posts Selector #homepost
  • CSS Selectors :Navigation Selector .blogPg

Add Jquery.js

if Ajax Load More not working, maybe jquery dont have it on themes, so you have to adding jquery min on your themes. open on header.php or you can adding on panel themes –> Custom JS CSS –> head sections

<script src="" integrity="sha512-aVKKRRi/Q/YV+4mjoKBsE4x3H+BkegoM/em46NNlCqNTmUYADjBbeNefNxYV7giUp0VxICtqdrbqU7iVaeZNXA==" crossorigin="anonymous" referrerpolicy="no-referrer"></script>


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