TokoWhatsapp Themes is a WordPress Themes is an online store template integrated with the whatsapp chat application. You can install these themes / templates on the blogger or wordpress platform.

The content templates / themes have been widely used by business people or SMS to improve the quality of their business services. TokoWhatsapp Themes can also not only be used for a physical online shop but can also be used for virtual services, as well as services.

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Features TokoWhatsapp Themes Provides many cool and interesting features that will help you create and manage website content in a very magical way. The available features include:
  • Perfectly Structured Data 
  • Mobile Friendly Design 
  • Fast Loading The loading speed of an online shop is very important so that buyers don't run away when they want to buy your product.
  • SEO Friendly An online shop must have this feature to be friendly with search engines. (See Test Results)
  • Responsive Design Make sure your online store is easy to access with a variety of devices ranging from mobile, tablet, or desktop
  • Simple Customizer you can easily set this theme through one page only
  • Shopping Cart with this feature allows buyers to buy more than one product at the same time
  • Social Media Booster increase your social media account followers with social media booster popups
  • Instant Checkuot Buyers can checkout without having to move pages
  • The admin's automatic postage check can easily see how much shipping the buyer has to bear through the wp-admin page
  • Product Reviews buyers can review the products they like / this feature in a marketplace style
  • Sales notification for your online store is more trusted by customers with the sales notification feature
  • Upload Transaction Proofs increase your prospective buyers' trust with proof of transactions on the live sales feature
  • Live Search Buyers who are looking for a product will get automatic keyword suggestions in the live search column
  • Live Notif Indicator buyers can provide reviews and ratings on your product or article
  • Dynamic Products provide services / choices on your product such as color, size etc.
  • Edit products You can edit products and change the status of these products easily in just one place
  • Well Documentation
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Q. How many websites can i use it on?
A. You can use themes on any of your websites. (See with your license).
Q. Can i change the language of the theme?
A. It is currently available Indonesian. You can also add your languages
Q. Can you make custom changes to themes?
A. We do not make custom changes. Once you make the purchase of theme you can modify it to your liking.
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